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Super comfortable, cheap sports bras

I HATE bra’s. HATE HATE HATE ‘em. Never wore them at all during my 20′s. Am now 48 yr. old Mom, A/B cup, & after nursing my baby (16 yrs. ago), + the inevitable effects of time & gravity, I need “support” (uggghh!). These bra’s fit sooo comfortably, smooth, lift, and support just perfectly- along with providing the modesty a Woman of my age *should* present. They’re cool, breathable & absorbant- nearly all-cotton w/ 5% spandex, (double layer cotton stretch fabric in front), launder beautifully (in a mesh bag to protect the straps from entangling w/ other items in white laundry load). Beware, don’t overheat / overdry this bra- Doing so will break down the spandex- And once that goes, the stretch & support are gone, too.The bottom is a thick elastic band encased in cotton- very sturdy, stays in place, doesn’t roll. No side nor top boob spillage. It just snugly holds the girls in place. Fits / looks Just as pictured on model. Straps are not adjustable, they are stretchy. I wear these nearly every single day, year round – straps don’t show under Tank tops, but if a spaghetti strap happens to peek out, it looks so pretty! It really does support beautifully- And at the end of the day, I’m not counting the seconds until I can rip this thing off my rib cage. I only like the White. Even under white or pink cotton Tanks / T’s, this bra looks great! I recently found 5-packs in White & bought a lifetime supply… Literally, I bought hundreds! Before that, I could rarely find these in stores for years. I’d buy 3-packs of varied colors just to get 1 White bra. SO happy Fruit of the Loom is again manufacturing / mass marketing this bra. They cost just several $ apiece !!! Stock up while you can :) Note: Medium support for daily wear- Less supportive than a VERY firm support sports-bra. In my opinion, probably best for A / B – C / D cup sizes. (I think that’s what the packaging says too.) Thx for reading :)

Does Everybody Know What Time It Is?

I’ve only recently started to watch Home Improvement in syndication for the first time, and as soon as I got into it it has become one of my favourite sitcoms. The humoar is very original and the concept was very bright and fresh when it came along on ABC in 1991.It wasn’t just that that made it one of the most popular shows of the 90′s, it was also the strengh of the characters. Tim Allen’s portrayel of accident proned chauvanistic tool man Tim Taylor helps make the show along with his sidekick Al, wife Jill and three kids Brad, Randy and Mark.This show also provided more realism than a lot of other shows of its kind, for example the relationship between the boys and their regular fighting seems a lot more true to life than other shows that often represent people as constantly loving and everything always patched up by the end of the show. Home Improvement still has many tender moments that are always well acted.As well as the 24 episodes on this DVD set, you also get a gag reels of jokes from the show and a commentary by the creators. It’s good to see that a lot of these sets now have extras and that the companies are going to the trouble of adding nice touches to the tv shows we know and love.So overall, this set is one that you should definetly add to your collection, whether you want to re-discover the classic first season once again or watch this show for the first time and introduce it to your family who may not have been around then; either way you are very unlikely to be diassapointed! “I don’t think so Tim!”Highly recommended!

No worries in booking restaurants this festive season with discount vouchers UK

All worries resolved!

Are you tensed about restaurant booking this upcoming festive season? Well dwelling in hearts of United Kingdom and worrying about booking your favorite restaurant is indeed a criminal offence! When lives are getting online these days with London discount vouchers, then why to worry to make up time to reach restaurants to book the same! How about you get a deal that not only books your favorite restaurant that too during the festive season along with restaurant discount vouchers as gifts? Well though it may surprise many buy it indeed is fact with discount vouchers UK!

Avail discounts wherever you go

When it comes to availing restaurant discount vouchers all one has to do is go online and book their favorite restaurant online and automatically one will be availed with discount vouchers UK. It indeed is as easy as it appears. Many a times, customers are seen to face problems carrying soft copy of the discount vouchers. In order to solve their issues, printable discount vouchers are available making it easiest to carry and avail. One just has to carry the print out of the voucher and produce it while one visits the restaurant to discount their bill amount.

Vouchers for both online and offline use

At times, people seek to query about where they might get these so called discount vouchers and how they may avail the same while visiting the restaurant. Coming to the primary one, the London discount vouchers are available online everywhere from the official sites to various social networking websites.  Since these vouchers are printable discount vouchers, one may simply print out and produce them while visiting the restaurants. Otherwise one may use the codes mentioned in the vouchers while booking the restaurants online too. Why still worry about how to book restaurant? This festive season avail the best restaurant in UK at the most reasonable rates with printable discount vouchers. So hurry before the deal gets over and the vouchers get exhausted!

Receive Daily Deals On Clothing

If you would like to save money on the clothing purchases that you make, you can visit a website that provides daily deals for all of the companies that you like. Discount codes are provided to you for free and will allow you to save a considerable amount of money with the purchases that you make. It is easy to get started with this service. Sign up by visiting the website of the company that offers the discount codes. You can register by providing your email address and some basic information. The sign up process is quick and does not require you to reveal any of your personal information.

After you sign up for discount codes, you can browse a list of all of the deals that are available. These deals change regularly, so you will want to check back each day to see if there is a new deal that you can take advantage of. If you find a deal for one of the companies that you like, visit their website and browse the items that are for sale. After you make your selections, copy the code and enter it directly onto the company’s website. You will receive instant savings.

One of the benefits of using discount codes is that there is no limit as to how many you use. If you find more than one discount code that will apply to the purchases that you are going to make, you can copy each one that you are going to use and they will be added together. When you are billed for the items that you are purchasing, you will see that you have saved yourself a considerable amount of money. Once you get used to using this service, you may decide that you want to continue shopping like this in the future. You will not have to worry about driving far distances in order to go shopping. You also won’t have to worry about standing in lines. You can shop for all of your favorite items from the comfort of your home and receive savings each time that you make a purchase.

What Should I Consider When Buying Discount Sunglasses?

You have to look good in your sunglasses. There is no question about that. After all, they sit right in the middle of your face! And while they are on, your sunglasses are probably the first thing that somebody else notices on your face. But of course, to look good in a pair of sunglasses, you don’t need to go out and spend a bundle on them. From a simple trip to a pharmacy, department store or superstore, to a quick search online, it’s easy to see that you can find yourself an eye-catching pair of sunglasses at a reasonable price. But looks aren’t everything! Sunglasses serve an important purpose, besides shading your eyes and complementing your good looks. They guard your eyes and your vision from the dangerous ultraviolet, or UV, rays of the sun. Just as these UV rays can cause sunburn, sunspots, and skin cancer on the rest of your body, these harmful UV rays can also damage your eyes. One type of UV light in particular UVBs can cause temporary blindness with a condition called photokeratitis, or snow blindness. Photokeratitis occurs when your cornea gets burned by the Ultraviolet B rays. The damage and pain can last up to 2 days. Long-term exposure to UV rays can also be responsible for macular degeneration, cataracts, or skin cancer around the eyelids if your eyes are not protected outdoors. Sunglasses are meant to protect your eyes from these harmful effects of the sun. But not all discount brand sunglasses do the trick. It is important to consider whether or not a pair of sunglasses can adequately block out UV rays. Check the labels on the sunglasses before you buy them. All sunglasses should block out 99-100% of UV rays. In addition to protecting your eyes and filtering out UV rays, sunglasses should also reduce glare and be comfortable to wear. Sunglasses containing polarized lenses are especially great for reducing glare, and are popular with outdoorsman for activities like fishing and boating. The color of your sunglasses lens may also reduce glare. Brown, Amber, Yellow and Red lenses reduce more glare than other lens tints. Nothing is finer than being outside on a sunny spring or summer day, soaking up the rays, playing in the water, or having a family picnic. So just remember to wear adequate clothes, sunscreen and your sunglasses. One last thing to consider before buying your discount sunglasses; they may be worth your while because when you lose them, it won’t hurt your wallet so much!

Getting Items From A Dollar Store

When you run a dollar store, one of the most important things that you can do is buy in bulk. Buying in bulk allows you to get the lowest “cost per item” for everything that you sell. If you are going to make the most money in your store, you want to make the most amount of money you can on each item. It may only be 50 cents, but that adds up over multiple purchases of dozens of items. Of course, you aren’t going to want to buy everything in bulk in your dollar store. If you only sell a couple of trinkets per month of a certain item, it makes no sense to have a thousand of them hanging out in the back room waiting to get sold. With that in mind, it is important that you have a full idea of what you sell and when you sell it so that you can know what to buy in bulk and what to buy in smaller increments.

There is a pretty good chance that a well known candy bar is going to sell a good amount when you are selling it two for a dollar. These are items that you can buy in bulk and feel pretty good about it. You should keep track of this and know that you should always buy in bulk from a Dollar Store Supplies Wholesale company when you are running low. When it comes to “iffier” items like toilet cleaners or diaries, you want to also track what is purchased so that you know exactly what you should buy and when you should buy it. Keeping track through a computer program is vital to your success.

You don’t open a dollar store to make a lot of money at one time; you buy it because of its long-term success. People are turning to dollar stores more and more, and it is important that you recognize that people will buy more at your location if you stock the right items. It may take some trial and error, but after a while you are going to be able to find the right items that people are clamoring for when they enter your shop.

Up and Coming Home Video and Audio Electronic Design Trends Of 2014

Home entertainment has significantly developed throughout the past half-decade. For example, people have changed from the good old television to smart televisions that are able to join to the internet and let you view movies through Netflix and plenty of other entertainment channels. HI-FI system framework and efficiency have as well been updated drastically. Numerous home owners these days are investing in HI-FI technologies that support wireless speaker configuration and transmission. Even though wireless, these speakers produce the same or even better audio listening pleasure than normal wired speakers. They furthermore eliminate wires hanging or crisscrossing all over the house as well. Going through this Asus AC1900 Router fanpage will help one to understand the product better.

Video electronic design has additionally been updated greatly over the past few years. For instance, most TVs in production these days are developed to support split screen, where one can view two different movies at the same time. In addition to this, dual HD screens can be mounted together to provide one enormous screen for entertainment requirements. Video output standard has not been left behind either. There are affordably developed screens that support 3D viewing that may be installed in one’s home. This ability alone brings about full cinema experience in your living room. Visiting sony ht-ct260 fanpage can provide with some crucial info on the products.

Home entertainment audio has additionally been upgraded from the common stereo to 5.1 or even 7.1 speaker system. This audio functionality alone gives you the same viewing and watching experience you get in cinemas or movie halls. A 7.1 speaker system supports seven satellite HD sound speakers, and a woofer that resonates even the lowest of sound frequencies. These make you believe as if you are in the picture studio if watching a picture or a series you love. It’s not a bad idea to visit Dell UltraSharp U2412m fan page before deciding on the product.

A lot more enhancements and developments are being introduced every single day, and all these are to boost audio and visual capability in our houses. All these enhancements are meant to make life easier and more enjoyable from the peace of our houses. You may furthermore design your entertainment location to accommodate these developments, and be assured you will undergo an experience better than you have ever had before.

What Do James Bond, John F Kennedy And Today’s Modern Man In Formal Wear, Have In Common? Cufflilnks.

Cufflinks first made their appearance in the early 1600′s. They did not become popular until late in the 18th century. By the 19th century, the industrial revolution made manufacturing cufflinks more affordable and available to the masses. Cufflinks are worn in shirts that have French button cuffs. They have two button holes and no button. Early designs were french knots made of silk, that held the sleeves together. Metal versions of the french knot are still worn. There are two types of sleeves, the barrel sleeve, with the cuff wrapped smoothly around the wrist. The top of the cufflink being the only exposed portion. The second style is “kissing sleeves” two sides of the cuff are folded together the link is visible on both sides. From informal business wear to black tie events, cufflinks dress a man.

Cufflinks finish men’s formal wear or evening attire. James Bond, John F Kennedy and your father, wore cufflinks. Set aside with the tie tacs, the cufflinks were pulled out for special occasions. Today, a man that wears cufflinks, is a man that pays attention to detail, and is a step classier than the man without them. Grooms and groomsmen often wear cufflinks as a part of the wedding attire. Black tie events, formal dinners and fundraisers are the perfect opportunity to display your cufflinks. When a suit coat fits correctly, an inch or two of the shirt cuff should fall below the edge of the sleeve. When it does, the cufflink glimmers in the light, drawing the admirers eye. From your Grandfathers antique cufflinks to hand painted cufflinks, they make a statement.

Not all cufflinks are serious. They can also add a touch of whimsy. Who would expect you to be wearing Spider-man or Batman in your cuffs? Sometimes, you need to add an element of fun. Women are drawn to men that take the time to fully dress for them. They adore a bit of secret fun. Whimsy shows her that the man she is attracted to, can also be fun and spontaneous. Stethoscope cufflinks for the doctor in your family, military shields for your favorite soldier and for the coin collector there are hand painted wheat pennies, lady liberty dimes and buffalo nickels. Cufflinks, like a woman’s earrings are personal, beautiful and complete an outfit.

Perfect for Costa Rica!

I’ve been a Keen lover/wearer for a long time and truly love this brand, but I think my Whispers may be my favorite pair yet. I bought this as an “upgrade” from my Newport H2s and these are SO much better. I love that the neoprene stretches in the bit around your ankle – this made them wearable right out of the box with no break-in period and ZERO blisters. They are ridiculously light weight – much lighter than my Newports – but really sturdy and durable. I wore them on a recent trip to Costa Rica and they were the perfect shoe for all of the wet/dry activities I did, like white-water river rafting, light hiking, swimming, rappelling, sailing, walking around town, etc. They dry quickly and don’t get stinky (but if they did you can throw them in the washing machine with your laundry).I’ll also note that I have arthritis in my feet – specifically my big toe joint – and these were always comfy and supportive. I could keep going with no pain, which was awesome. If my feet swelled, it was easy to loosen up the lacing system. On top of all that, I got complements on them – they’re pretty cute. These are more narrow and girly than the Newports.I love them so much I bought a second pair. I highly recommend these – they’re great for adventures and anytime you might get your feet wet – they’re also really comfortable and a great all-around sandal for warm weather. For me they run pretty true to size (I wear a 6 1/2 in other shoes and these), but I know that a lot of people like to get them a 1/2 size bigger.

5 Stars is NOT Enough

I have tried my best, in the past, to fry food such as chicken that comes out crispy on the outside, yet not scorched, and completely cooked and juicy on the inside. And no matter what I did, I just couldn’t achieve those results. That is until to today.I started frying a 5 lb cut up chicken using my favorite Paula Deen southern fried chicken recipe, and I have to say that it came out absolutely perfect. Light and Crispy on the outside (without any scalded parts) and juicy and completely cooked on the inside.The fryer used just over a 48 oz bottle of oil, and I did have to do two batches to completely fry the 5 lb bird. The instructions warned that there may be some smoking, and odors the first time I used it, but there was none of that. All there was, was some steam coming out, and the kitchen was left with fresh fried food smell. Also, the fact that the cover is closed before the fry basket is lowered into the hot oil, meant no burned fingers. Just be careful when you press the latch release, because the top will tend to fly open without you slowing it down manually. Also, the term CoolDaddy is perfect, because the outside may have gotten warm but not too warm to be able to fully touch.Clean up was very easy. Just let the basket soak for a few minutes and any extra crust will come off with a sponge. And the rest of it is just as easy to clean.I would recommend this fryer to anyone who wants perfect fried chicken. Enjoy.