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Perfect for Costa Rica!

I’ve been a Keen lover/wearer for a long time and truly love this brand, but I think my Whispers may be my favorite pair yet. I bought this as an “upgrade” from my Newport H2s and these are SO much better. I love that the neoprene stretches in the bit around your ankle – this made them wearable right out of the box with no break-in period and ZERO blisters. They are ridiculously light weight – much lighter than my Newports – but really sturdy and durable. I wore them on a recent trip to Costa Rica and they were the perfect shoe for all of the wet/dry activities I did, like white-water river rafting, light hiking, swimming, rappelling, sailing, walking around town, etc. They dry quickly and don’t get stinky (but if they did you can throw them in the washing machine with your laundry).I’ll also note that I have arthritis in my feet – specifically my big toe joint – and these were always comfy and supportive. I could keep going with no pain, which was awesome. If my feet swelled, it was easy to loosen up the lacing system. On top of all that, I got complements on them – they’re pretty cute. These are more narrow and girly than the Newports.I love them so much I bought a second pair. I highly recommend these – they’re great for adventures and anytime you might get your feet wet – they’re also really comfortable and a great all-around sandal for warm weather. For me they run pretty true to size (I wear a 6 1/2 in other shoes and these), but I know that a lot of people like to get them a 1/2 size bigger.

5 Stars is NOT Enough

I have tried my best, in the past, to fry food such as chicken that comes out crispy on the outside, yet not scorched, and completely cooked and juicy on the inside. And no matter what I did, I just couldn’t achieve those results. That is until to today.I started frying a 5 lb cut up chicken using my favorite Paula Deen southern fried chicken recipe, and I have to say that it came out absolutely perfect. Light and Crispy on the outside (without any scalded parts) and juicy and completely cooked on the inside.The fryer used just over a 48 oz bottle of oil, and I did have to do two batches to completely fry the 5 lb bird. The instructions warned that there may be some smoking, and odors the first time I used it, but there was none of that. All there was, was some steam coming out, and the kitchen was left with fresh fried food smell. Also, the fact that the cover is closed before the fry basket is lowered into the hot oil, meant no burned fingers. Just be careful when you press the latch release, because the top will tend to fly open without you slowing it down manually. Also, the term CoolDaddy is perfect, because the outside may have gotten warm but not too warm to be able to fully touch.Clean up was very easy. Just let the basket soak for a few minutes and any extra crust will come off with a sponge. And the rest of it is just as easy to clean.I would recommend this fryer to anyone who wants perfect fried chicken. Enjoy.

Great with orthotics

I wear orthotics. I have a hard time finding proper fitting shoes, since the orthotic raises the foot. You usually end up with cramped toes and your heel slipping out of your shoe. In my previous job, it was casual dress, and I wore ankle-height workboots (such as Timberlands). Roomy toes, and no worry about my heel slipping out.In my current job, I now need to wear a suit…and dress shoes. Dress shoes tend to have pointed toes and a low back, worst possible combo with orthotics. But I’m happy to report that this shoe fits well…even though it’s only marginally a dress shoe. First of all, it has a removable insole (not glued in), so you can take it out, and recover some inside room. Second, it has a square toe, which means less cramping. Third, the uppers are very soft. Even if the top of your foot is pressed against it, it doesn’t chafe.Didn’t take any break-in at all…that of course will depend on your particular foot. The collar is lightly padded, not deeply cushioned like a running shoe…so it can pass as a dress shoe. The soles are flexible, non-slip rubber and will outlast leather soles. The soles do not have deep treads (running shoe or hiking boot style)…so it can pass as a dress shoe.The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the quality of the linings. It’s lined with cloth and vinyl. Given the relatively low price, that’s OK. An older pair of Rockports I have (now discontinued) was all leather lined. I don’t like to change shoes often, so I’d rather pay an extra $20 for leather linings.Won’t garner any points for high fashion, but it’s at least passable with a suit. On the clunky side, but the square toe sets it apart from steel-toed work oxfords. Some people wish for a higher-gloss shine. But the dull shine has a great advantage: scuff marks aren’t as noticeable, and you don’t need to shine them frequently. If you want good day-in/day-out comfort with orthotics, I highly recommend it. I wouldn’t recommend buying them online though, unless you’re buying exactly the same shoe model that you previously wore. With orthotics, the proper size varies a lot with the shape of the shoe and the pair of orthotics.

Good pair of pants!

I bought a medium size pair of these pants. I need the specific colour, Caribbean blue for work. This is a close colour to the Caribbean blue from the MOBB company, but this is a more metallic and a bit stronger of a green then a blue. So that is why I removed a star from my rating, it is definitely not the same colour as the picture.I am a 5ft2in woman with a size 10-11 waist. I bought the medium and they are a bit loose. They are adjustable which is great, I can make it tighter, but the legs are baggy like a large size (I can grab a handful of material in the thigh). So I would buy another pair in a small and loosen the waist since these pants seem to run a bit large. Also, I should mention that I bought the petite medium and I will still have to take off about 1-2inches off the leg (nothing out of the normal for me) but in case your a shorty like me, you will still need to hem your pants! This is why I rated it 3 stars out of 5 because I don’t know why would have such baggy legs for a ‘petite’ pair of pants, like most pairs of jeans with a petite/shorter leg option.Overall, these are very comfortable pants to work in and when you have a lot of bending and picking things up, they are great to work in. With the MOBB pants, I sometimes almost show a bum crack when bending over/picking stuff up, with the Cherokee pants, I haven’t had that problem. Its like the pants were designed to be lower just under the belly button and higher in the back for bending over and not showing a crack! i will definitely be buying more from this company but will buy a size smaller.

Perfect for Zumba

I gave them a five because they fit as expected, were comfortable and the quality was acceptable. I liked them so much that this size 10 is my second pair, I purchased them for my daughter in law to wear to Zumba. She hasn’t had them long enough to wear to class yet. I purchased mine in a size 6 and I purchased them to wear to Zumba, I needed a light, flat shoe that would not make my ankles turn. These shoes are very light weight, snug to the foot fit, and are very comfortable during Zumba.They feel almost like being in your bare feet but with the protection and stability of a shoe. I would not wear them for hiking in the woods or on rough terrain though because they are very soft soled and you can feel everything you step on through the bottom. I’ve only had them long enough to wear to a few classes so far so I can’t rate them for durability over time, but they seem to me that they will last a while. I love them for Zumba, they made a big difference for me to be able to move better and workout harder. A regular “tennis” or athletic shoe was too heavy, which made my knees and ankles hurt during Zumba. The cushioning in the running shoes I had been wearing were making me unstable on sideways Zumba moves and I was spraining my ankles, A lady from Zumba class recommended these shoes to me, I’m glad she did they have totally fixed my problem. I’ve done Zumba for the last couple weeks pain free! I would (and have) recommend these for Zumba or any dance type exercise or activity that requires a light, snug fitting shoe. If you are looking for a rugged athletic shoe these are not.

Yoga Bible helpful to this beginner.

I have recently decided to make yoga my only workout. I do not have time to lift and do yoga and was tired of pulling muscles. I have learned from other yoga books that it is possible to get a great workout and even increase strength, using yoga. I really like being able to do a workout every day as well.I have yoga books with different routines and one of Rodney Yee’s books was helpful with prop suggestions. I am incredibly tight in my lower body and until I started doing yoga didn’t realize in my upper body as well.I find the build-up postures in yoga bible to be very helpful and encouraging. You don’t need props!I never thought I would be able to do any balancing pose, because I do not have full control over the left side of my body due to a serious car accident in high school. (Don’t toke and drive, kids!)I tried doing balancing postures leaning against a wall, but still could not maintain balance on my left leg with my right leg curled against my left thigh. When I read the suggestions in yoga bible to put the ball of the foot or the toes of the non-supporting foot on the floor instead of lifting that leg completely off the ground, I tried it and was actually able to stay in a balancing posture for about 30 seconds. It might not seem like much of an accomplishment, but it was for me.I was getting much benefit from doing the poses I could do without doing the balancing postures, but I would never have tried the balancing postures unless I read the easy, common-sense suggestions in yoga bible because I’m much too much of a dumba$$ to figure things like that out.Finally, the reviews which complain about the sturdiness of the book and binding may have led to change because the binding on my book seems sturdy.

Fine dresser if you make a few assembly changes

This would get 1 STAR if it wasn’t for the minor assembly change I made. I assembled this dresser in a few hours over a two day period. There are two major differences between higher end assembled furniture and low end, flat pack furniture: 1. the materials used, and 2. the assembly method. You can’t do a lot about the materials in this dresser and in truth most of them aren’t bad for what you’re paying (mostly particle board covered with a melamine laminate), but you can make a simple change to the assembly method that will make a HUGE improvement in the durability and longevity of this dresser. One word for you: GLUE.All preassembled furniture and cabinetry is glued, usually with a high quality polyurethane glue. The glue makes the joint 10 times stronger than any fastener alone. This dresser doesn’t come with any glue or any instructions to use glue. That doesn’t matter because you can still glue every joint with any good construction adhesive you find in a home improvement store. I recommend Loctite’s PL Premium, but Liquid Nails Heavy Duty adhesive would work fine too. I used PL Premium on every joint on this dresser (two small caulk gun sized tubes). Without this glue, I question whether this dresser would last 3 months in my boy’s bedroom.As far as materials go, the two pieces of this dresser that I was really disappointed with were the draw bottoms and the back. In both cases the manufacturer supplied cardboard for these parts. Totally not acceptable and utterly ridiculous. I replaced the cardboard back with a sheet of 1/4″ birch plywood and the draw bottoms with 1/8″ aromatic cedar plywood (the grooves/dados are 1/8″ so don’t try going thicker on the drawer bottoms). Both added a tremendous amount of rigidity to the final product – rigidity you can’t get with the supplied flimsy cardboard. My cost for the glue and the two sheets of plywood was less than $50. If you wanted to use less expensive Luan instead of Birch/Cedar plywood, the cost would probably be about $30 and it will be worth every penny. Your local home improvement store can make all the cuts for you for a very small charge. You won’t regret it.

Get the whole story….TIDAL BLUE!

Ok, so based on other reviews, people are ordering jeans online and are fed up with a poor fit. Even If you go to a Levis store and try on 2 of the exact same size jeans, they will fit a tad different. I do agree that over the years, Levis has changed its factories(Bring em back to America please! We need the jobs!), changed its fabrics, etc. Times do change, but these are still great jeans. Below is my experience buying 2 pairs of 501′s from this listing on Amazon. I bought the Tidal Blue, and the Dimensional rigid. Both of them in 32×32. They arrive, and look awesome! I bought a pair of the FROGGY before these, and they were paper thin and wore out in a matter of months. Not to be detoured, I ordered the 2, Tidal, and Dimensional. The Tidal blue fit flawlessly to the size I expected them to be, 32×32. The weight of the jean is heavy and full like levis should be for good life wear. The Dimensional Rigid are another story. They were alot thinner than the tidal blue, and the waist fits more like a 30 or 31, and the legs fit like a baggy jeans instead of straight like the tidals.All that to say, when doing a review, please make sure you specify which version of Levis you got, the weight, feel, wash, etc…Maybe we can reduce this thing down to the pair that fits like Levis should. I LOVE the tidal blue, hence 5 stars. And, just to be sure it was not a fluke, I ordered another pair a month later. Fits exactly like the others, and the wash and print is identical. Good job, Levis. I am buying another pair soon, just so I will have my favorite pair of jeans at all times! I wear them everyday of the week when able. the just keep getting better. I tried all the boutique jeans over the years. When its all said and done, its Levis for me. Hope this helps. -Cheers.

Great Table for the price!

I bought this table for my daughter’s apartment. Since the table cost less than $100, I didn’t expect the quality of a $500 table, but I was wrong! The table arrived 3 days earlier than promised. It was wrapped for shipping so well that there was virtually no way it could be damaged in transit because I was worried reading some of the other comments of other reviewers. In fact, I really take issue with some of the reviewers that rated this table poorly. For one thing, the table is very sturdy. Maybe the person who said it was flimsy doesn’t know how to assemble it properly even though it was very easy assembly with very clear instructions. If you put the lock washer in the wrong position, the bolt can certainly work its way loose causing the legs to wobble. Also when you tighten the two bolts on each leg, you should alternate turns on each bolt so the leg seats firmly and squarley just like you do with tire lugs when you put mount an automobile tire. The finish was unblemished and the table is made of solid wood, not particle board!. As for not including chairs that are in the picture,and saying the table was too small, the person who complained about that needs to read the product description instead of just looking at a picture. Its very clear that the price only includes the table and the dimensions of the table are very clearly stated. I guess that person must have expected a full size dining room table which included a set of chairs for $100, not a very reasonal expectation.. In short, if you want a good quality small size table for a dinette, breakfast nook or apartment, this is it. I shopped around in furniture stores before deciding to buy this one on line and nothing I saw ever came close. This is a great value for your money. I highly recommend this table.

Excellent, with one caveat

Cards Against Humanity is easily one of the most entertaining adult party games in recent memory. Think Apples to Apples, but less “family-friendly.” Gone are the boring comparisons that made Apples to Apples (and the sequel Sour Apples) fun but dull. Instead, Cards Against Humanity pulls out all the stops and is filled with very adult (and completely politically incorrect and often simply hilarious) cards.If you’re not familiar with Apples to Apples, here’s how the game works:Players take turns being the “Chairman” and draw one black card that has a statement on it (Example: “Before I kill you Mr. Bond, I must show you ______________.”The other players in the game then take turns playing one white card (they keep 10 in their hand at all times) that they think best completes the phrase. The chairman picks their favorite, and the player that played that card receives one point. Game play continues and the first player with five points wins.Now, as I mentioned, Cards Against Humanity is, well, politically incorrect. A few examples of the content of the cards are: “Jews,” “Adderall,” and “Balls.” (Those are some of the more tame answers –to make it better there are even blank cards included so you can add your own responses.)This expansion pack adds additional white and black cards to the original deck. If you’ve gone through the entire original, or just need to add more offense to your game, it’s a steal for $10. The cards are printed on standard playing cards and are good quality and perfect for the game.The only caveat is that you shouldn’t buy this if you printed the original cards for the website (rather than purchased them before Amazon sold out online). The cards for the original deck (as available in PDF on the Cards Against Humanity website) are much smaller than those included with this expansion pack. If you haven’t played the game yet, or if you have the self-printed cards already, wait for the professionally printed version to be restocked and then buy it and the expansion deck.