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Sizing answer and review

October 12, 2013For those of you concerned about sizing, here is an explanation of what size my 21 year old son purchased.Before purchasing this item online, my son decided he should check out the temporary Halloween store first to see if they had this costume. They did. In fact, it is the exact one shown here (Elope brand). Yep…same model wearing it and everything.On the outside of the package it says:Small/Medium: Fits up to 5’11″ /195 lbs.Large/X-large: Fits up to 5’11″/220lbs.Ok. So my son is 5″11″ and weighs about 162. He wears 30×34 jeans (his waist is really about 28/29″ but he wears 30s). He is an athletic build, slender (not skinny)….He chose the small/medium.Fit: It fits nicely. Not tight and it didn’t hang off him. It was not too short on him. It hits at just about his normal waist-line, maybe a little lower…but not much. The sleeves are long enough, they come all the way down to his hands. It looks good on him. He could easily wear a THIN shirt under it if he wanted to do so. One of his pieces of Under Armour would work, but nothing thicker than a thin tee shirt.Sizing: The outside of the packaging says small/medium should fit up to 195lbs (and still be 5’11″). I do not see how this can be…..he is 165ish and it fit him like a normal shirt would fit. He likes his clothes to be a bit on the ”fitted” side….so this was slightly looser than he likes, but it’s a costume, after all…but still, 195lbs?? Put another 30lbs in that shirt and I think that’s not going to look good. Perhaps if you are shorter than 5″11″?? Or maybe you might like looking like Bo Duke(in his skin-tight t-shirt) dressed up as Waldo??I would say this shirt would fit a person (at 5’11″) maybe up to 180lbs. Of course, the more you weigh, the shorter the item may be on you…my son doesn’t have a lot of meat on him, so it hits him JUST below his normal waist line.Material:Shirt: It’s a 100% Polyester. Not a lot of give to it. Actually, it’s pretty well made for a costume. It’s thin, but not completely see-through. It has some weight to it.Hat: 98% Polyester 2% Spandex. It fits him ok, it’s snug….but not super tight. It has a little give to it, but not a lot . If you have a larger than average head…it probably won’t work for you.Glasses: Actually, they aren’t too bad. There’s pretty decent glass inside them. The ones that were in his package had no scratches or signs of wear. They are cheap, but not as cheap as I thought they’d be. The plastic is pretty thick, actually… They are hinged and have little screws in the bows. I am sure that if you are careful with them they will last a while. Don’t treat them as you would a real pair of glasses.There is NO scarf in this set. You have to buy that separate or make one.Note: I saw one reviewer state that he received a shirt and it looked like the colors bled. I have not laundered this item. If you do, I would suggest hand washing it separately from other clothes, in COLD water..((after you have worn it to your party to be on the safe side)). As one commenter suggested, Amazon does take returns, so perhaps this item had been laundered and sent back, which then, unfortunately,went back into stock…

The thing I liked about buying this in a Halloween store is that there are NO returns. When you walk out the door, it’s yours forever…so one does not have to worry about people doing stuff to an item which you may end up receiving.So, there’s my review. I see there’s a lot of people asking questions about this set…so I hope it helps with those of you who have been wondering about this item. My son is wearing this to a college Halloween party….I’m sure he will have some pictures. I will post one later on….Happy Halloween!! :)

thank you hunny !

Update 9/11/13. Well the progress is getting better, after close to two months now, this time when i pulled the knife out there was still some surface rust, but it was very, very, faint and just on the sharpened edge itself. I will re-clean the blade, and store out of the leather sheath this next go around and see if i observe any difference. I would like to reach maintence free (as far as rust removal) before its all said and done..Update 7/19/13 Well, i got the knife out of my gun safe again today to have a look, At this point ive used nothing but Remington oil to re-oil this blade and in other updates noticed rust, Well its been another month and today i noticed very ((little)) ALTHOUGH SOME, rust on the blade. I decided to go a different route and use some “PB Blaster” that is a rust preventative and remover, I soaked the blade in the oil for around 30 minutes and used a old dishcloth to wipe it down, this brought the blade to 99% new out of the box looking again. I reaplied a light coat and re-sheathed the blade and back in the safe it goes.. We shall see !!Updated again:6/21/2013 Ive pulled this knife out again to have a look at it and see how the rusting timeline/quantity was going after i re-oiled it in my last review.. WOW, it had alot of rust on it for just being re-oiled with Remington oil. I was very suprised for only being a little over a month later it had that much rust on it again already. this knife still ranks highly in my mindM its just going to require more maintence than i anticipated. Or better oil of some kind..UPDATE: 5/17/13 This knife i see is on sale for $48 bucks now… thats a friggin steal !! On to my update, after Christmas i took another doe and field dressed her with this blade, afterwards i took the blade inside and washed of the nasty, dryed it, oiled it. I observed “black” on the towel, and the markings on the blade seemed lighter..Im not sure what there putting on the blade to make the waves stand out more but it washes off dulling out the apperance of the knife. After doing some research im not 100% sure this is truly 200 true folded Damascus.. everything ive read basically says its a lost art.. with that said this is still a very , very nice blade, its extremely attractive and heavy. After washing and drying i reoiled the blade and put it in its sheath, and back in my gun case.. 5 months later i got it out just to admire it and found a fair amount of rust on the blade.. I didnt think i would have this problem if i kept it oiled, The rust came off with some WD and a paper towel and i re oiled again and put it back up. This is a a solid knife, im not going to be afraid to use it (hunt it) but i now know its going to take more maintence to keep it looking good. I wish i would have gotten mine for the $48 instead of the $99 i know my wife paid. I still think this is a excellent buy. Even if you just turned it into a wall hanger its a great looking talking piece.First post:: I asked my wife for this knife for christmas and was thrilled to open it up, One word “outstanding” This knife in any brick and mortar storefront would easily command $200.00+ dollars. The craftsmanship is a solid 8.5-9 all around. The sheath is very thick leather and is easily worth $40+ I dont know this maker, i simply found him on amazon and printed off this add and gave it to my wife. So it was a merry christmas for me !The stag is real stag, the demascus is real demascus, the fit and finish are right up there with makers that command much higher prices.. The knife came sharp and a solid snug fit into the sheath (ive already started oiling the sheath). Im thrilled ! This blade is going on my 6 shooter hunting gun belt.. Love it !!!

High Fashion, Great Price!

I LOVE this coat. I definitely looks even cuter than the picture which I was surprised about. It is also actually a good fit, I am a size xs/s in US sizes and was sent a Chinese L. At first I tried it on with a T shirt and it seemed very slightly large but then I tried it on with a sweater and it was perfectly snug. I might not even be able to fit it over a thick sweater or fleece so I am definitely glad I didn’t get any smaller. That said the material is surprisingly extremely thick so even if I’m not able to get many layers on under this I think it should keep me warm. I’m not sure that I would recommend buying this if you are broad shouldered however as it is a bit hard for me to type at my computer with layers under this and with it buttoned all the way up and I would not consider myself to have broad shoulders. That is the only inhibiting posture I’ve noticed so far though and I suppose if you are typing you will likely be inside where you can unbutton the coat. The only other tip i have is regarding the scarf. I didn’t think I would like it at first and it actually is not attached at all and comes on the side of the coat in a separate bag. I could not figure out how to attach the scarf. Tying it around the whole top part of the coat under the collar looks very similar to the picture, but I think it would be annoying to untie it every time you take it off. I actually really liked the look of it though so I tried tying a bow with a double knot to make the loops smaller and I attached a pin to the bow so now I can easily put it on or take it off if I don’t want to wear it with a certain outfit.

3 stars from me, 5 from my husband

I wear a hat when walking the dog for two reasons: to keep the hot sun off my head because it makes me ill, and to keep the bright sun out of my eyes because it gives me a headache. The dog ate my last hat, which was a mesh/moisture-wicking hat designed for exercise, so I needed a new one ASAP. This hat is sturdily constructed and keeps the sun off my head effectively. It has two drawbacks, however: the fabric is so heavy that I sweat much more than I used to (although I will say that this hat does absorb it well), and the bill is so curved that it leaves too much of the sky visible. I found I had to pull it far down over my forehead to cut out enough light for comfort – and at that point it started hitting my glasses. It was quite uncomfortable. So the hat gets three stars from me.However. . . after I had worn this a few times, enough to know I didn’t like it, my husband saw it lying on the hall table and popped it onto his head. He has a small head, so he usually looks pretty goofy in hats and doesn’t wear them for that reason — but this one looks great, and he loves it! He does have to pull the velcro tab a little tighter than it was designed for, but that doesn’t seem to create any problems. He is so excited about the hat that he keeps asking me if I’ve ordered myself a new one yet, so that he can inherit this one. Five stars from him!I would say that if you want the classic wear-around men’s ball cap, this is a great hat, especially for the price! If you’re looking for more of a physical-activity hat, you should check out some models that are designed specifically for that purpose. This model isn’t quite practical enough.


I bought the same size (2XL) and similar style of three brands of active mesh shorts with pockets: Russell Athletic (, Champion (, and Starter (found in-store at Walmart).I typically wear size 48 or 50 (48 is typically snug, 50 a tad loose). All three of these products advertise 2XL as fitting sizes 46-48. Due to the stretchiness, I found all three fit more forgivingly than my typical size, but otherwise were true to size. All three are very comfortable.For length, the starter are the shortest (but not embarrassingly so), Champion has a medium length, and Russell comes just past my knee.All three are slightly see-through (Starter least so), but not enough so that anyone could see anything from a casual inspection, especially if you wear similar colors underneath. I got all dark colors (either Navy or Black), so YMMV with lighter colors.Of the three, I prefer the fit of the Russell Athletic the most. Champion tends to slip down in the back, as does the Starter to slightly a lesser degree. Because of this, with both the Champion and Starter I have to be very careful of the weight I put in the pockets; putting in my phone, wallet, and keys will make both brands quickly end up on the floor, whereas in the Russell I had no trouble walking around carrying all of those items. I have not tried running with that much weight yet. I still like both the Starter and Champion enough to keep them, but I would buy Russell next time instead.

Better than I could have guessed!

Check out the really cool site where i found and bought this awesome futon on. There were zero reviews for this couch ANYWHERE on the Internet! So, I had to wing it and pioneer for all of you. Having said that, it arrived after much prayer for it to be fabulous-it IS fabulous! It’s exactly as pictured. It’s not real leather, so, it’s kinda squeaky. But it’s firm in the right way, it’s very comfortable for laying or sitting. The end pieces are what makes it special compared to other click-clack couches. I didn’t want one that felt like a bus bench! The ends don’t connect to anything, they just sit on the couch, but they don’t slide at all and they make a great look and pillow. My husband loves this couch, it fit in our apartment perfectly. It’s not small, but not big either- it’s medium:-) I feel it will last as long as I need it with care. Nothing seems fragile about it. More great soafas and futons i found while looking for this one.Putting it together was sooooo easy. Pillows and legs were inside the zipper underneath, there appeared to be no screws- but I realized you remove the plates on the underside and use them and their screws:-) easy as pie! And what a great deal this was too, I looked online at other sites with this couch and they were almost double this price. Get it, you won’t regret it. Check out some more really great info on this futon right here!

The perfect business casual short sleeve dress shirt

This Van Heusen Men’s short sleeved dress shirt was purchased for my boyfriend who needed “business casual” for a trip later this year. He is not a business casual clothes kind of guy, and did not even own a suit. What’s more is he hates trying on clothes, and so he did not want to go and try on shirts anywhere. After trying to measure his neck size and failing miserably by ordering what we thought the correct neck size was, we found this shirt on Amazon and decided to order it, I’m so glad we did.What attracted us to this shirt was the sizes. Small, Medium, Large, XL…sizes that we could understand. My boyfriend wears an XL in polo shirts, t-shirts, and just about everything else, so we took a gamble on the XL and hoped it would fit. He is on the short side: 5’6″ high, and he also has a huge neck 18″, so we were not sure if it would fit. We picked the gorgeous blue color and we were really happy with the color. It was not a baby blue, but more of a sky blue, very pretty, light enough to not scream in a room full of people, but bright enough to draw some attention to the wearer.The shirt fit him perfectly. The sleeves were not overly baggy, the shirt was not overly long, and the neckline had plenty of room to spare, even if we were to button it all the way up. The shirt gets bonus points for being wrinkle free, we were able to put it in both the washer and the dryer and it came out looking freshly ironed, which we love. We are low maintenance kind of people when it comes to clothes, they must be wash and wear, so we were delighted that this shirt fit our lifestyle.Overall, we are delighted with the purchase, my boyfriend got his much needed shirt, and I don’t have to keep guessing at sizes.


I actually read all the reviews before I made my purchase because it did not have the best rating. I noticed how a lot of them complained that it was damaged upon delivery and/or that it was poorly made and had chips and broken pieces. I gave the company the benefit of the doubt and decided to buy the platform bed and I have to admit that I am very pleased with the product. It feels sturdy, looks nice and probably is best for young adults. I do have some tips so make sure you read them all. Oh and it was delivered intact without a scratch!1. I strongly suggest using a drill !2. The item is heavy about 125 lbs so if you are by yourself or even with another person I suggest bringing it as close to your front door as possible and open the package there. Bring every piece to the room you will be using it in because it wont move after you finish it. Be careful not to damage the product whilst transporting the pieces. It will dent and scratch if not handled with care.3. While assembling the bed, I suggest using wood glue for every screw and dowel used it will help secure the screws and make for a stronger, more reliable bed. Also using wood glue is good because if you ever have to take it apart unscrewing the screws wont strip the wood instead it will strip the glue a bit and you can always put more glue in after.4. So the directions kind of suck… It says to put the platforms ( unfinished wood) on first then the railings on second (the pieces of finished wood that will secure the mattress. Bad idea . PUT THE SIDE RAILINGS ON FIRST ON THE PLATFORMS THAT WILL BE GOING ON THE EDGES OF THE BED. The railing that goes on the front of the bed, well you will just have to either screw it on manually with a screw driver, which means laying on your back, or get someone to help you lift it high enough where you can put something underneath to support it so you can use a drill.5. Make sure the platforms all are even and use those pieces of wood as a measuring device before using the screws !Its a good deal for the price.I gave it a four cause the directions suck

Sexy, comfortable — Red heel winner of the year!

I fell in love with these when I was searching for the perfect red heel and found it online on Zappos. They didn’t have my size, but Amazon did! I’m so glad I took the plunge and ordered these, even if I had never seen them in real life. They are gorgeous, sassy, sexy, and comfortable. They look EXACTLY like the online photos. No surprises here!The sole is cushioned and very comfortable. The front toe part will be a little tight but it breaks in very fast. I am a wimp when it comes to uncomfortable shoes, so trust me when I say these will get comfortable in about a day of wearing them. I didn’t even get blisters when I walked in these all day. (My toes definitely hurt, but when I stood still they were just like ordinary shoes. The day after, they were perfectly comfortable to walk in)These are the highest heels I’ve ever worn. I know they’re probably not as high as some ridiculous heels that other women regularly wear, but I think this gives me good authority to say they are super comfortable. ;) These shoes look gorgeous paired with a flirty dress, or capris, or jeans, or even a work suit. They are so versatile. I got tons of compliments on the color and style of these shoes when I wore them out.SIZE: Relatively true to size. I fit a 6.5 in every single shoe brand. I fit a 6.5 in these too. They was a teeny bit of extra space in the back of my heel, but I couldn’t have sized down or my toes would have died. I don’t even notice this extra space now that they’re broken in.WIDTH: I’d say these are medium width. I have slightly wide feet but other than some initial toe pinching, these fit fine.COLOR: I don’t know about the rest, but the red is a perfect shade. It is darker shade of red than other red heels, which I think makes them look more elegant and less street-walker. They have a shiny patent leather sheen to them, which gives them an edgy, sexy look. I couldn’t have asked for a better red heel.What are you waiting for? So worth the price. Get them before your size is gone!

a real review

I loved the look and design of these shoes so I read the buyer reviews. I wanted these for casual street wear but the reviews were mostly from hard core trail runners, mudders and other people who can probably kick a grizzly bear’s ass. Since I had no intention of running the Paris-Dakar Rally on foot I wasn’t sure if these weren’t “too much” shoe for me. I mean, look at that action figure lacing system, and my tires have less aggressive tread than this shoe, the little colored words on the sides made me think of sponsor labels on a top fuel dragster. I began to wonder if I was worthy of this shoe. Would real athletes call me out as an imposter? A Poser? Would normal people look at my feet and assume I was a dork? (really, my shoes are the least likely cause of this).So, still feeling inadequate for these shoes I placed my order. They arrived 3 days later (probably ran half of the trip on their own) and I got them out and tried them on.Ugh. Too tight! But only at first. After ten minutes they loosened to a snug fit. After two days they fit perfect. No kidding – perfect. I love the feel of them. They are comfortable as all get out. I almost climbed a hill in them just for the joy of it.They feel like they will last forever. It’s almost like they are bulletproof. In fact, if a thug ever shoots me I hope he aims for my feet. I’m confident these shoes will protect me.The lace system seems odd at first but after a few times I figured it out so I can do it without taking my eyes off the TV. It’s tricky at first but if that thug tries to take them off of you he will be stymied by the lace system long enough for you to run away up a nearby mountain… another plus.The style is fantastic. So many people like my feet now. I catch people looking at my feet, nodding at my feet while nudging their friends, smiling at my feet. These shoes made my feet more popular than my head.They do get hot. Not hot, but warm. I always went for mesh sided shoes before…light and airy. These are like armor compared to those and the trade off is a bit of trapped heat. Nothing too terrible but dark blue on a 90 degree day in the sun is a bit warm. I suppose if I wore them for what they were made for I could cool them by running across a glacier or alpine stream. Instead I prop them in front of my ac vents. But really, it’s a minor thing since I live in Ohio and we only have weather that nice on accident. I’m sure I will appreciate that heat trapping during the other 320 or so odd days of usual cool and wet Ohio weather. (Ohio sucks by the way…unless you’re a mudder)The description says water resistant. I think they are. I was on a soccer field after a rain (hosting a Jr. Olympics competition, not actually playing soccer) and the wet grass did not soak my feet. I got some very minor dampness towards the end but my last pair of shoes would have sloshing water bags after ten steps so these were great. Plus the snug collar kept the grass clippings from getting into my shoes and turning my socks into rattan mats by the end of the day.While the treads are excellent for quick cuts in turf or dirt they can be a bit slick on smooth wet surfaces. It’s not banana peel type slick but just that little bit of slide that makes me think “whew! glad I was not running from that thug on this stuff).In the reviews people talk about the longevity of this shoe in terms of miles or, in some cases, races. Now I don’t know how many miles I wear my shoes (or if races to the restroom count) but I fully expect these shoes to last much longer than my previous pairs of shoes. They seem like someone actually designed them to work and last rather than just adding pretty swooshes or springs of shocks on a mediocre pair of nylon/leather sacks and called them shoes. I think these were designed by someone who got fed up with the garbage the big names put out.I wore these to the zoo last week and climbed a pretty high hill in them. Granted, I was in a tram on the way up and on a wooden switchback walkway on the way down but I felt like I could outrun the other people if I had to. The important part was that my feet were comfortable. I did not think about them at all…except when other people stared or pointed at them.So, do these shoes work for a fit, non-racing ordinary 46 year old male like myself? Of course they do. They are comfortable, durable and, I am assuming, thug proof. Plus they have the added benefit of making me look like I am a crazy trail runner…a very careful and clean one, but maybe they will think I am on the way to my first race.Buy these shoes if you even remotely like them. Just don’t look at them too many times on Amazon. I swear the prices go up after about 20 visits to the page..